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Destination Uruguay

The Electrician Moses Wainstein is Montevideo-bound


In the spring of 1938, the Berlin electrician Moses Wainstein was making arrangements to join the steady stream of Jewish emigrants. His destination was faraway Montevideo. He was planning to travel from Berlin to Marseille, where he intended to board a ship for South America. On March 1, he received the requisite French transit visa. Uruguay was regarded as a country with strong democratic traditions, little pressure on newcomers to adapt, and good job prospects for tradesmen. Jewish relief organizations and travel agencies advised prospective emigrants on choosing their new home, finding the best route possible, and procuring the required papers.



Deutsches Historisches Museum


Transit confirmation from the shipping company "Chargeurs Réunis & Sud Atlantique" for Moses Wainstein's journey through France


Inv. Nr. Do2 89/1008.6


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