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Paul Galfi's “Heimatschein”

“CERTIFICATE OF LOCAL CITIZENSHIP whereby it is confirmed that Paul Galfi Character or Occupation Middle School Student Age b. Sept. 25, 1921 in Vienna. Jewish Religious Community Family Status single possesses local citizenship in Vienna.”


Since the middle of the nineteenth century, Austrian citizens, regardless of ethnicity or religion, were required to keep a Heimatschein, a document testifying to their belonging to a certain locality. In practice, this was of relevance mainly if the holder fell upon hard times: according to the law, it was the home community listed in the Heimatschein that had to support the person in case of poverty or joblessness. The document shown here was issued on July 25, 1938, well over four months since the Nazi takeover, showing that for the time being, at least in this context, the policy had not changed vis-à-vis the country’s Jews.



Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin


Trude Galfy Family Collection, AR 11664


Box 1, folder 1


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