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It can happen here

Jewish immigrants warn of the fragility of American Democracy

“From what has been expounded here, it follows for us Jewish immigrants who have experienced fascism in our own flesh that we must mobilize all our forces in order to secure the continued existence of the United States as a democratic political system. Here too influential groups are at work undermining the achievements of democracy.”


In the August issue of the Aufbau, an unidentified group of young immigrants was given the opportunity to call for the preservation and activation of democracy in the United States. They argue that the fascist regimes in Europe used the economic crises created by the unbridled military buildup in their countries to legitimize the confiscation of Jewish property. While praising the Roosevelt administration’s generosity and its openness to social reforms for the benefit of those who had escaped fascism, the group warns against the reactionary forces attacking this policy and their attempts to undermine democracy in the United States. The Aufbau editorial board noted its reservations regarding the group’s assessment of the role of economic factors in history but wrote that it was happy to grant the young people space to voice their concerns.


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