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Political and other earthquakes

A child's perspective

“How lucky I've already started my diary! We do live in interesting times!”


Days after his 12th birthday on April 15th, 1938, Harry Kranner, along with all his Jewish schoolmates, had been expelled from the Kandlgasse Realgymnasium in Vienna. By November, Harry’s mother, Gertrude, and his stepfather, Emil Fichmann, were making preparations for emigration. Harry shows great excitement about the prospect of traveling and the various pieces of equipment he’ll receive. In the November 8th entry in his new diary, given to him by his mother for the purpose of recording his emigration experience, he enthusiastically reports about his new leather gloves. But the bulk of the entry is concerned with the strong earthquake the night before.



Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin


Harry Kranner Fiss Collection, AR 25595


Box 1, folder 12

Source available in English


on the days before