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Race, not religion

Fired for his "race", a baptized physician receives an offer of aid from Canada

“If you come, we will do our best by you and try to help you. You may assure the Canadian High Commissioner that we will be responsible for you, so that you will not become a charge on the country.”


In gloomy times like these, a letter promising a work opportunity in Canada constituted a much needed ray of hope. Although in possession of what Heinrich Heine famously referred to as “the admission ticket to European culture”—a certificate of baptism—Anton Felix Perl was dismissed on “racial” grounds from his position as a resident at the General Hospital in Vienna in 1938. Luckily for Dr. Perl, he had the support of a prominent advocate, the Archbishop of Winnipeg, who gave him valuable advice regarding emigration to Canada as well as promising practical help in this letter dated April 25, 1938.


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