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650 reichsmarks and 50 pfennigs

Aboard the Columbus New York-bound

"Boat tickets, train tickets, plane tickets to all countries"

Berlin/Bremen/New York

Just a few doors down from the Palestine Office of the Jewish Agency, at No. 2 Meineke Street in Berlin, was the travel agency “Palestine & Orient Lloyd,” which closely cooperated with the Palestine Office in assisting thousands of Jews with emigration from Nazi Germany—and not only to Palestine. One of these emigrants was Dr. Rolf Katzenstein. On August 20th, 1938, the “Palestine & Orient Lloyd” issued this bill to him for passage to New York on August 27th aboard the Columbus from Bremen.



Jüdisches Museum Berlin


Receipt "Palestine & Orient Lloyd" for Rolf Katzenstein, Ruther Gützlaff née Katzenstein Collection


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