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Family bonds

An Affidavit from uncle Charles

“As soon as I get all this information from you I will prepare the necessary affidavits and will also send the information to Dr. Pollak, who will also send his affidavits so that you and your family can come here.”

Newark, New Jersey/Baden

Charles Manshel, a wealthy businessman and himself a native of Austria, promises his cousin in Baden near Vienna to prepare affidavits for her and her family once he has all the required personal information. The letter shows Manshel’s sincere efforts to not only pave the way to immigration for his relatives but also do something for the professional integration of his niece’s husband, Dr. Eduard Ehrlich. Manshel was no stranger to hardship himself, having provided for his family since his father’s premature death when he was 16 years old.



Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin


George and Paul Ehrlich Collection, AR 11418


Box 1, folder 1

Source available in English


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