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Mass exodus

More than 20,000 Jews leave the Sudetenland

“Only about 2,000 Jews of a population of 22,000 have remained in the Sudeten German districts, which have also been deserted by the Czech population.” [original version in English]


When on September 29th the so-called “Munich Agreement” between Hitler, the British Premier Chamberlain, the French Premier Daladier, and the Italian dictator Mussolini was concluded, over 20,000 Jews had already fled from the regions of the Sudetenland. This was reported by the Jewish Telegraph Agency on the day of the Agreement. With a months-long propaganda campaign by the Nazis and raucous threats that the Wehrmacht would invade Czechoslovakia, it had already been clear to many Jews for weeks that they would have no future in the Sudetenland. With the Agreement, the Czech regions, in which the Sudeten German minority lived, would be surrendered to the German Reich. Czechoslovakia did not sit at the bargaining table in Munich.



Jewish Telegraphic Agency


“20,000 Jews Evacuate Sudeten Area”

Source available in English


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