Buring Words: The Battle of the Books

Michael Wolgemut, The Burning of the Jews during the Time of the Plague (Schedels Weltchronik), woodcut, 1493

February 8, 2016 – May 6, 2016, David Berg Rare Book Room, Center for Jewish History Not long after the invention of the printing press, one of the first public debates carried out on the new medium of the printed page concerned whether the people of the book should be allowed any of their books at all. An exhibition of extremely rare volumes from the period reveals strains of zealous antisemitism as well as the beginnings of an enlightened Humanism.

Crisis and Opportunity: The Cultural Impact of German-Jewish Refugees


In this exhibit, LBI profiles the experiences, struggles, and intellectual achievements of Nazi-era émigrés who came to the US.

German-Speaking Jews and Zionism: 1862-1941

Undated (likely pre-WWI) postcard from the Jewish National Fund AR 2536. This postcard depicts the certificate awarded for a donation to support the planting of five or more olive trees in Palestine at a cost of 6 marks per tree.

This fall, LBI will present an exhibition entitled German-Speaking Jews and Zionism, 1862 – 1941 at the Washington Hebrew Congregation, a historic reform congregation in the nation’s capital. This exhibition will highlight material from LBI collections on the pre-Zionist era and the early years of the Zionist movement in the 20TH century until 1941.

Stolen Heart: Exhibit on Expropriation in Heart of Berlin coming to LBI

An aerial photograph of Berlin in 1925 highlighting Jewish-owned properties.

Beginning March 1, 2016, LBI will present an exhibit entitled “Stolen Heart”, which focuses on “Aryanization,” or the forced transfer of Jewish property into non-Jewish hands, in Berlin’s central “Mitte” district. The stories of five families will illustrate a historical episode that has yet to be properly recognized and fully documented.