Stolen Heart: The Theft of Jewish Property in Berlin’s Historic Center, 1933–1945

"Stolen Heart" is on view March 29 – October 2016 at the Center for Jewish History.

March 29 – October 2016 A new exhibit shows how Jews helped make Berlin’s central district, Mitte, the vibrant center of culture and commerce it was by the late 19th century, and how the expropriation of Jewish-owned businesses and real estate left wounds that have yet to heal.

ZIONISMUS: The German Roots of Zionism

Undated (likely pre-WWI) postcard from the Jewish National Fund AR 2536. This postcard depicts the certificate awarded for a donation to support the planting of five or more olive trees in Palestine at a cost of 6 marks per tree.

This exhibition calls on books, periodicals, correspondence, and photographs from the collections of Leo Baeck Institute to trace the transformation of Zionism from a utopian dream to matter of survival for German-speaking Jews.

Burning Words: The Battle of the Books

Michael Wolgemut, The Burning of the Jews during the Time of the Plague (Schedels Weltchronik), woodcut, 1493

Extended through June 3, 2016 Not long after the invention of the printing press, one of the first public debates carried out on the new medium of the printed page concerned whether the people of the book should be allowed any of their books at all. An exhibition of extremely rare volumes from the period reveals strains of zealous antisemitism as well as the beginnings of an enlightened Humanism.