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Board of Trustees


David Marwell

David G. Marwell


Bamberger Michael_color.jpg

Michael A. Bamberger

Vice President

David W. Detjen, Vice President

David W. Detjen

Vice President

Werner Gundersheimer, Vice President

Werner Gundersheimer

Vice President

Amy Houston, Treasurer at Leo Baeck Institute

Amy Houston


Dennis Baum

Dennis Baum


Bernie Blum, Rabbi Ronald B. Sobel, William H. Weitzer

Ronald B. Sobel

President Emeritus

Ismar Schorsch headshot

Ismar Schorsch

President Emeritus


Kenneth Bamberger headshot

Kenneth A. Bamberger

Bernie Blum, Trustee

Bernard Blum

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James Dreyfus

Michael Jesselson headshot

Michael G. Jesselson

Josef Joffe

Josef Joffe

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Joan C. Lessing

Abraham F. Lowenthal, Trustee

Abraham F. Lowenthal

Michael A. Meyer

Michael A. Meyer

Paul Nemitz

Paul Nemitz

Robert S. Rifkind, Trustee

Robert S. Rifkind

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Charles E. Scheidt

Raymond V.J. Schrag, Trustee

Raymond V.J. Schrag

Marian Scheuer Sofaer headshot

Marian Scheuer Sofaer

David Sorkin

David J. Sorkin

Huberta von Voss-Wittig headshot

Huberta von Voss-Wittig

Trustees Emeriti

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Eva Brunner Cohn

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Henry L. Feingold

Ira H. Jolles, Trustee

Ira H. Jolles

Jehuda Reinharz headshot

Jehuda Reinharz

Guy Stern headshot

Guy Stern

Executive Staff

Renate Evers, Director of Collections at Leo Baeck Institute

Renate Evers

Bruno and Suzanne Scheidt Director of Collections

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research and Chief Archivist at Leo Baeck Institute

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg

Mark M. and Lottie Salton Senior Historian

Dr. William H. Weitzer, Executive Director at Leo Baeck Institute

Dr. William H. Weitzer

John H. Slade Executive Director