Casa Editora Liebmann

Carlos G. Liebmann founded the Casa Editora Liebmann in Ecuador in 1942. The publishing company initially specialized in legal books, including those of Alfred Karger, but eventually began publishing a wide range of South American authors. The company and associated bookstore were influential in the intellectual life of Ecuador in the 1950s and 1960s.

Liebmann previously worked in publishing in Munich and Berlin. During the Nazi period, he was temporarily interned in a concentration camp. In 1939, he immigrated with his family to France and then to Ecuador, where he initially traded in German-language used books, stamps and stationary. While he grew up in an assimilated family in Berlin, he played an active role in the Jewish community in Ecuador.


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Location: Quito
Period: after 1942-at least 1953
Publisher(s): Carlos G. Liebmann (March 21, 1900, Berlin - after 1978)
Main Focus: Legal books, South American authors
Author(s): Alfred Karger
Number of Titles Published: unknown