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Danielle Spera

Danielle Spera, studied journalism and politics at the University of Vienna; 1978–2010 journalist, reporter, presenter, and leading the board of editorial journalists at ORF; 1987/88 ORF correspondent in Washington, D.C.; since 2010 director of the Jewish Museum Vienna, numerous cultural exhibitions and publications, including “Arik Brauer. All of my Arts”, “Andy Warhols’s Jewish Geniuses”, “Lessing presents Lessing”; 2013-2019 president of ICOM Austria; since 2019 vice president of ICOM Austria; since 2020 board member of the Austrian Leading Sights; 2013–2018 member of the University Council of the Medical University of Innsbruck; 1991 and 2007 Romy prizewinner; 1990–2002 lecturer in the University of Vienna Department of Communication; author and publisher of numerous books and publications on contemporary art, Jewish subjects, and for the magazine NU.