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Stammbaum is the only English language publication of German Jewish genealogy. Published 1992-2007, it has attracted an international readership of professional and amateur genealogists, and facilitates the exchange of helpful and sound information, techniques, sources, and archival material. It includes human interest and anecdotal material, which add verisimilitude to genealogical data. While Stammbaum focuses on Germany, its scope also includes Austria, Switzerland, Alsace, Bohemia, and other areas with linguistic and historic relevance.



Author Title Issue, Page
People: Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists Issue 2, page 21
Map of Germany Issue 2, page 32
People: Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists Issue 3, page 24
People: Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists Issue 4, page 32
Family Finder Issue 10, page 37
In Memoriam: John H. Bergmann and Dr. Dietrich Andernacht Issue 10, page 40
German Jews in Stutthof and other Camps Issue 13, page 22
Jewish Cemeteries in Baden & Wuerttemberg … More Cemeteries Issue 14, page 9
The Oppenheimer Family, Part III Issue 14, page 18
Microfilms and the Fruehauf Genealogy Issue 14, page 25
Book Reviews and Notes: Germany for the Jewish Traveler Issue 14, page 29
Book Reviews and Notes: The Invisible Wall by W. Michael Blumenthal Issue 14, page 30
Book Reviews and Notes: Berliners from Hannover Issue 14, page 31
Book Reviews and Notes: Hoenig from Falkenau Issue 14, page 31
News Items From Austria Issue 14, page 32
Family Research Application Form Issue 15, page 15
Dinkelspiel in America Issue 17, page 4
Accessions, LBI Library Issue 18, page 19
U.S. Sources for German Publications Issue 18, page 20
German Jewish History Award Issue 19, page 3
GERSIG Update Issue 19, page 3
AUFBAU Indexing Project Issue 19, page 14
Research Discoveries Issue 19, page 15
Center for Jewish History – Genealogy Institute Issue 19, page 34
CDs from IAJGS Issue 19, page 35
Bohemia-Moravia SIG Update Issue 19, page 42
Book Review: To Remember Me By, First Crusade Through Holocaust Issue 19, page 44
Horst Eisfelder And His Shanghai Photographs: An Interview Issue 20, page 3
Further Information on Shanghai Issue 20, page 15
Tips for Deciphering German Records Issue 20, page 29
Jüdische Familienforschung From The Editors Issue 20, page 31
Jüdische Familienforschung: Name Indices Issue 20, page 39
Obermayer Award 2002 Issue 21, page 5
Some Books about Names Issue 21, page 19
Special Interest Group updates: GERSIG and BOHMOR Issue 21, page 20
Selected On-Line Genealogy Resources Issue 21, page 21
Announcement – Gersig luncheon at IAJGS conference in Toronto Issue 21, page 21 Issue 22, page 19
City Archives of Munich Publishing Newsletter Issue 22, page 25
Prussian Birds of a Feather Formed Issue 22, page 45
In Memoriam: Albert J. Phiebig, 1908-2004 Issue 25, page 50
Book Reviews: Rescued from the Reich: How One of Hitler’s Soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher RebbeDie Jüdischen Idsteiner: 1648-1806The Emigration of German Jews to America in the Nineteenth CenturyA Lone Traveler: Einstein in CaliforniaThrough Turmoil to Tranquility;Jews from Germany in the United States Issue 27, page 46
The Leo Baeck Institute Family Research Department Issue 29, page 41
Book Reviews: Gedenkbuch an den Deutsch-Französischen Krieg von 1870-71 für die deutschen IsraelitenBibliographie zur deutsch-jüdischen Familienforschung und zur neueren Regional- und Lokalgeschichte der Juden (Bibliography on German-Jewish family research and on recent regional and local history of the Jews) Issue 31, page 40
(Various contributors) GEOServ, Internet Access, Electronic References, Web Pages Issues 6 & 7, page 7
Adler, Frank Update on Frankfurt Families Zunz and Cayn Issue 10, page 10
Adler, Frank (Leawood, KS) Book Review: Der alte jüdische Friedhof zu Frankfurt am Main: Unbekannte Denkmäler und Inschriften Issue 18, page 25
Adler, Frank J. From Treves to Sichel Issue 12, page 15
Adler, Yvonne (translator) Jüdische Familienforschung: Membership Lists Issue 20, page 34
Adler, Yvonne (translator) Jüdische Familienforschung: Author Index for Issues 1-37 Issue 20, page 46
Altman, Nolan The Dachau Database Issue 22, page 18
Arnstein, George News, and Letter from the Editor Issue 17, page 28
Arnstein, George Letter from the Editor Issue 18, page 27
Arnstein, George Notes from the Former Editor Issue 19, page 43
Arnstein, George Theses From Southwest Germany Issue 4, page 24
Arnstein, George Names: An Essay on Origins Issue 5, page 16
Arnstein, George Oppenheimers and Other Families from Frankfurt: Our Ancestors Issue 10, page 11
Arnstein, George Oppenheimer Descendants, Part II Issue 11, page 18
Arnstein, George Letter from the Guest Editor Issue 11, page 29
Arnstein, George Juedisches Leben in Ludwigsburg Geschichte, Quellen und Dokumentation by Joachim Hahn Issue 15, page 10
Arnstein, George The Jews Of Buchau: A Family Story Issue 20, page 24
Arnstein, George Book Review: Generation Exodus, The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany by Walter Laqueur Issue 21, page 25
Arnstein, George Who Was Levi Strauss? Issue 22, page 24
Arnstein, George Book Review: Stories of an Exhibition; Two Millennia of German Jewish History Issue 22, page 38
Arnstein, George Who Was Carl Laemmle? Issue 23, page 20
Arnstein, George A Short History of Stammbaum Issue 23, page 23
Arnstein, George In Search of Meaning: Excerpt from a Family History Issue 24, page 29
Arnstein, George Book Review: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military Issue 24, page 45
Arnstein, George Alemannia Judaica Issue 27, page 19
Arnstein, George How to Read a Family Register Issue 28, page 30
Arnstein, George Officers and Military Legacies Issue 30, page 29
Arnstein, George (editor) German Cemeteries, Overview & Notes [excerpt from Cemetery Project] Issues 6 & 7, page 14
Arnstein, George (translator) A Genealogical Sketch of Descendants of Jechiel Oppenheim Issue 10, page 13
Arnstein, George (translator) “Aus der Geschichte der Familie Dinkelspiel in Mannheim” Issue 10, page 16
Arnstein, George E. More on Jewish Cemeteries in Present-Day Germany, Austria and Switzerland Issues 8 & 9, page 13
Arnstein, George E. The Einstein Family from Buchau Issues 8 & 9, page 30
Arnstein, George E. Hohenems: Rise and Fall Issue 12, page 1
Arnstein, George E. Letter and News Items from the Editor Issue 12, page 27
Arnstein, George E. Family History Centers Revisited Issue 14, page 5
Arnstein, George E. Who Was Michael Reese? Issue 14, page 15
Arnstein, George E. Book Reviews and Notes: Rexingen Cemetery Issue 14, page 29
Arnstein, George E. Letter, News Items, from the Editor Issue 16, page 28
Arnstein, George E. Book Review: Juedisches Leben in Buchau Issue 17, page 18
Arnstein, George E. An Essay on Names Issue 17, page 25
Arnstein, George E. Swiss Jewish Genealogy Issue 25, page 30
Arnstein, George E. Book Review: Juedisches Leben im Wandel der Zeit Issue 25, page 41
Arnstein, George E. (Washington, DC) Buchau: Witches, Angels and Devils Issue 18, page 21
Auerbach, Berthold Village Life in the Early 19th Century Issue 12, page 7
Baer, Ralph Derivation of some Family Names Issue 11, page 9
Baer, Ralph Ancestry of the Klein Family of Jöhlingen, Baden Issue 30, page 3
Baer, Ralph N. Given Names Adopted by the Jews of Memmelsdorf Issue 1, page 8
Baer, Ralph N. The Ancestry of a Bavarian Jewish Family Issue 2, page 3
Baer, Ralph N. New German Postal Codes Issue 2, page 11
Baer, Ralph N. Name Adoptions in the Principality of Aschaffenburg Issue 3, page 11
Baer, Ralph N. Book Reviews and Notes: Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy Issue 14, page 31
Baird, Carol Davidson A Valuable Research Aid for Westfalen Issue 1, page 7
Baird, Carol Davidson West Prussia: Travels and Discoveries Issue 12, page 19
Baird, Carol Davidson World War I Cemeteries in France Issue 14, page 13
Baird, Carol Davidson A Story in Pictures Issue 20, page 51
Baird, Carol Davidson German Reparations and the Jewish World Issue 21, page 20
Baird, Carol Davidson Frielendorf, Hessen Early 19th Century Census and Marriage Records Issue 22, page 40
Baldanf, Harold H. Sophie Goes West: 19th Century Legal Documents Issue 3, page 16
Bernet, Michael Book Review: A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names: Their Origins, Structure, Pronunciation, and Migrations by Alexander Beider Issue 21, page 27
Bernheim, Jack A 1945 Visit to Buchau Issue 17, page 23
Blate, Sandra Jo Doernberg with Dana Washington A Brief History of Jews in Monroe, Louisiana Issue 24, page 33
Bloch, Ralph The Mohel Book of Huerben/Krumbach: 1800-1837 Issue 29, page 14
Brandt, Edward R. Articles of Value for Jewish Research in the Altpreußische Geschlechterkunde, with Emphasis on Names Issue 24, page 10
Brandt, Edward R. Articles of Value for Jewish Genealogical Research in the Altpreußische Geschlechterkunde, with Emphasis on Names: Part II Issue 26, page 39
Braunthal, Gerard Reconstructing the Jewish Community of Gera, Thuringia Issue 5, page 21
Buck, Gerhard Genealogical Research for German Landjuden in Nassau – Part One: The Period Before the Introduction of Vital Registers Issue 27, page 4
Buck, Gerhard Genealogical Research for German Landjuden in Nassau – Part Two: The Period of Vital Registers Issue 28, page 4
Busch, Egon Synagogues, Schools, and Cemeteries in the North Pfalz Issue 5, page 2
Cooper, Stuart Richard Hans Schimmerling: Pianist, Composer, Teacher Issue 23, page 17
Cullman, Peter Simonstein Evidence: The Fate of the Last Jews of Schneidemühl Issue 19, page 1
Cullman, Peter Simonstein The Persistence of Schneidemühl Issue 21, page 6
Dardashti, Schelly Talalay Book Review: Portraits of Our Past, Jews of the German Countryside by Emily Rose Issue 21, page 22
Denman, Hugh The Languages of the Jews of Hohenems Issue 16, page 1
Denzler, Erwin Death Books from Auschwitz Issues 6 & 7, page 6
Dreyfuss, Erwin Emanuel Family Names of Jews, Focus on 19th C. Baden [1927] Issue 16, page 11
Ellmann-Krüger, Angelika G. Rarely-Used Sources for Jewish Family Research in Germany Issue 19, page 1
Ellmann-Krüger, Angelika G. Lists of Jews as a Source for Family Research in Prussia Issue 22, page 1
Eppstein, Robert W. My Great-Grandfather’s Journal Issue 5, page 3
Firestone, Bill The Blumenthals of Altenmuhr: A Successful Genealogical Dig Issue 1, page 10
Firestone, Bill Holdings of the Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz Issue 4, page 15
Firestone, Bill Letters Found, People Found Issue 5, page 9
Flade, Roland Family History and Its Meaning Today: The Case of the Lehman Family Issue 29, page 34
Frank, Werner L. Travels, Archives, and Discoveries Issue 14, page 6
Frank, Werner L. My Father’s Three Lives Issue 25, page 20
Frank, Werner L. Websites Supporting German-Jewish Genealogical Research Issue 27, page 21
Frank, Werner L. (Calabasas, CA) Early History of the Rabbinical Weil Family (Clarifying Some Historical Errors) Issue 18, page 2
Frank, Werner L. and Peter Stein Digging for the Copper-Guggenheim’s Origin Issue 29, page 4
Franklin, Joshua German-Jewish Refugees in the American Armed Forces during the Second World War Issue 31, page 10
Franklin, Karen Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists Issue 1, page 5
Franklin, Karen Leo Baeck Catalog Now Online Issue 20, page 20
Franklin, Karen Ohav Sholaum: Prayerbooks Returned Issue 30, page 40
Franklin, Karen (Yonkers, NY) Book Review: The Gumprichs of Muenster/Westphalia: A Tale of Four Continents Issue 18, page 26
Franklin, Karen and Aviva Hoch Auctions and Jewish Genealogy Issue 17, page 2
Franklin, Karen S. Archivists Connected With Jewish Collections in Europe Issues 8 & 9, page 9
Franklin, Karen S. The Guggenheim/Wormser Family… by Elizabeth Plaut, Book Review Issue 12, page 17
Franklin, Karen S. Research of Jewish Communities in the Historical County of Oettingen Issue 15, page 6
Franklin, Karen S. The John H. Bergmann Collection Issue 15, page 7
Franklin, Karen S. Book Review: The Kohnstamm & Allied Families: A Family History Issue 23, page 22
Franklin, Karen, Peter W. Lande and Jürgen Sielemann German Jewish Genealogical Research – New Sources and Old Questions Issue 21, page 1
Gold, Leigh New Unified Catalogue at the Leo Baeck Institute Issue 15, page 10
Goldmann, Phillipp (indexer) Location of Archivists Connected with Jewish Collections in Europe Issue 10, page 39
Gutmann, Micheline; Renate Herzog (translator) Hauser Family, second volume Issue 15, page 4
Haller, Annette (compiler) Contacts and Resources, mostly European Issue 16, page 7
Hirsch, Claus German-Jewish Solders in World War I Issue 10, page 21
Hirsch, Claus A Visit to Weissensee Cemetery in Berlin Issue 17, page 11
Hirsch, Claus W. The Berthold Rosenthal Archives Issue 1, page 3
Hirsch, Claus W. Leo Baeck Acquisitions Issue 1, page 7
Hirsch, Claus W. German-Language Newspaper Collections at the New York Public Library Issue 2, page 8
Hirsch, Claus W. Jewish Soldiers in the Prussian Liberation Wars, 1813-1815 Issue 3, page 8
Hirsch, Claus W. Remembering Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern (1915-1994) Issue 4, page 3
Hirsch, Claus W. The Rudolf Simonis Archives at the Leo Baeck Institute Issue 5, page 12
Hirsch, Claus W. Pioneers and Important Names in German-Jewish Genealogy Issues 8 & 9, page 2
Hirsch, Claus W. German-Jewish Research – An Introduction Issues 8 & 9, page 25
Hirsch, Claus W. Volks-Kalender as a Source Issue 11, page 11
Hirsch, Claus W. Book Review: Solomon Family History A History of My Family by David H. Solomon Issue 15, page 12
Hirsch, Claus W. Shanghai Exile: 1940-1947 Issue 20, page 7
Hirsch, Claus W. Who Was Leon Hirsch? Issue 23, page 19
Hirsch, Claus W. Book Review: Juden in Chemnitz: Die Geschichte der Gemeinde und Ihrer Mitglieder Issue 24, page 42
Hirsch, Claus W. Making Sense of the Prussian Name Adoption Lists of 1812 Issue 31, page 3
Hirsch, Claus W. (NYC) Book Review: PHILO-Atlas: Handbuch für die Jüdische Auswanderung Issue 18, page 26
Hirsch, Hans The Gross Breesen Jewish Emigrants’ Training Farm Issue 22, page 22
Hirsch, Hans G. Addendum: Jacob “Sangmeister” Issue 11, page 8
Hirsch, Hans George Who Was Jacob, the 14th Century “Sangmeister” of Nürnberg? Issues 8 & 9, page 37
Hirsch, Hans George Laupheim Cemetery Book Review Issue 15, page 8
Hirsch, Hans George Access to Frankfurt Data Issue 17, page 3
Hirsch, Hans George Book Review: Der Juedische Friedhof Busenberg Issue 17, page 18
Hirsch, Hans George In Memoriam Naftali Bar Giora Bamberger Issue 17, page 28
Hirsch, Ralph B. Lists of Jewish Refugees In Shanghai As A Resource For Genealogical Research Issue 20, page 1
Hirsch, Ralph B. CJES – Preserving the History of the Shanghai Exile Issue 20, page 14
Hofmann, Rolf Rise and Fall of the Land Rabbinate Issue 14, page 17
Hofmann, Rolf Remarks on Peter Lande’s Article in Stammbaum 14: Additional Sources of Information on Jewish Records in Southern Germany Issue 15, page 6
Hofmann, Rolf The Story of Opera Singer Emil Gift Issue 17, page 7
Hofmann, Rolf Ludwig Wihl Issue 19, page 33
Hofmann, Rolf Isaac Stein: A Rabbi’s Short Life Issue 23, page 11
Hofmann, Rolf Raphael Mai: A Country Physician in Harburg Issue 23, page 11
Hofmann, Rolf Leopold Guldmann: A Saga of the Wild West Issue 23, page 12
Hofmann, Rolf Salamander-Levi Family of Stuttgart Issue 24, page 24
Hofmann, Rolf (Stuttgart) The Stonemason Marx Koppel in Noerdlingen Issue 18, page 17
Hoss, Christiane Max and Rosa: Given Names of Shanghai Refugees Issue 21, page 16
Illing, Robert F. Jewish Records in German Universities Issue 10, page 36
Isenberg, Janet One Genealogist’s Approach to Austrian Research Issue 30, page 8
Jochem, Gerhard The Phoenix Award 2001 Issue 20, page 23
Jung, Wilfried A History of the Jewish Community of Altenmuhr Issue 3, page 3
Kallis, Selma Gottlieb (translator, footnotes) My Journey to America: A Diary by Julius Gottlieb (1869-1921) Issue 21, page 34
Kallmann, Ernest Two Workshops on Germany at Paris Seminar Issue 12, page 22
Kallmann, Ernest A Family Meeting in Mainz Issue 22, page 26
Kallmann, Ernest Book Review: Choose Life Issue 23, page 22
Kallmann, Ernest The Racist Obsession of the National Socialists and Its Impact on German-Jewish Genealogical Research – Part I: German Genealogy up to 1933, A Threefold Convergence Issue 25, page 4
Kallmann, Ernest The Racist Obsession of the National Socialists and its Impact on German-Jewish Genealogical Research – Part II: Institutionalizing Nazi Genealogical Research in Support of a Racist Program: The Reichssippenamt Issue 26, page 4
Kallmann, Ernest The Racist Obsession of the National Socialists and its Impact on German-Jewish Genealogical Research – Part III: Impact of the Reichssipenamt’s Operation on Present German-Jewish Genealogical Research Issue 26, page 10
Kallmann, Ernst The Reichenberger Correspondence 1877-1947 Issue 17, page 11
Katzman, Harry Aufbau Obituary Indexing Project Issue 2, page 10
Katzman, Harry Items of Interest Issue 2, page 27
Katzman, Harry A Genealogical Trip to Southern Germany Issue 3, page 13
Katzman, Harry Items of Interest Issue 3, page 26
Katzman, Harry Items of Interest Issue 4, page 30
Katzman, Harry Items of Interest Issue 5, page 32
Katzman, Harry A. The 1938 German Census Issue 1, page 5
Katzman, Harry A. The Very First Census Issue 1, page 9
Katzman, Harry A. Items of Interest Issue 1, page 12
Katzman, Harry A. Aufbau Obituary Indexing Project Issues 8 & 9, page 40
Kessler, Gerhard; George Arnstein (translator) Familiennamen der Juden in Deutschland, Family Names of Jews in Germany [First Names] Issues 6 & 7, page 9
Koshkarian, Susan A Memorable Genealogical Trip to Germany Issue 2, page 6
Lande, Peter D. Possible Changes in Datenschutz/Personenstandsgesetz Issue 12, page 27
Lande, Peter W. Gesamtarchiv der Deutschen Juden Issue 1, page 3
Lande, Peter W. A Bibliography of German-Jewish Towns and Cities Issue 2, page 16
Lande, Peter W. A Bibliography of German-Jewish Towns and Cities (Part 2 of 2) Issue 3, page 19
Lande, Peter W. Berlin Jewish Records Issue 5, page 14
Lande, Peter W. The Jews From Goslar Issue 5, page 15
Lande, Peter W. Sachsenhausen – A First Glimpse Issues 8 & 9, page 29
Lande, Peter W. A Little Known Source of Information in Berlin: Stiftung Neue Synagoge Issue 10, page 8
Lande, Peter W. Where do you look for “lost” German/Austrians?: Of Course, Shanghai Issue 10, page 9
Lande, Peter W. Thuringia Data Issue 11, page 15
Lande, Peter W. German Jews and the Holocaust – the 1939 Census Issue 13, page 2
Lande, Peter W. The German Government’s Gedenkbuch Issue 13, page 4
Lande, Peter W. Memorial Books for Specific States and Localities Issue 13, page 8
Lande, Peter W. Austrian Victims – the Mystery Remains Issue 13, page 12
Lande, Peter W. Deportations from other Countries Issue 13, page 14
Lande, Peter W. Concentration Camps, Killing Centers & Ghettoes Issue 13, page 17
Lande, Peter W. Explanatory Notes for Lists of German Jews Issue 13, page 22
Lande, Peter W. Survivors of the Holocaust Issue 13, page 30
Lande, Peter W. Genealogical Research in Germany Issue 14, page 1
Lande, Peter W. Book Reviews and Notes: Euer Name Lebt…Bersenbrueck Issue 14, page 30
Lande, Peter W. Westphalian Jews in the Holocaust Issue 15, page 6
Lande, Peter W. New Sources of Information on German and Austrian Jews in the Holocaust Issue 15, page 11
Lande, Peter W. Book Review: Die ehemalige Jüdische Gemeinde Sien – Spuren und Erinnerungen by Ruth and Ulrich Eckhoff, 1998, 159 pp. Issue 15, page 13
Lande, Peter W. The Cologne Memorial Book and a New Development Issue 15, page 14
Lande, Peter W. Databases of German/Austrian Holocaust Victims, Currently Available on the Web Issue 16, page 5
Lande, Peter W. Book Reviews and Notes: “6:00Uhr ab Messe Koeln-Deutz, Deportationen” Issue 16, page 26
Lande, Peter W. Book Reviews and Notes: “Demographie der juedischen Bevoelkerung Oesterreichs 1938-1945” Issue 16, page 27
Lande, Peter W. Beuthen (Germany) = Bytom Poland Issue 17, page 7
Lande, Peter W. Book Review: Yamim Noraim Memorial Book of East European Jews Who Lived in Germany Issue 17, page 18
Lande, Peter W. German Jews in Cracow Issue 17, page 28
Lande, Peter W. Holocaust Deportations From Germany – “New” Information Issue 19, page 16
Lande, Peter W. 19th Century Hamburg Jewish Residence Registration Issue 20, page 28
Lande, Peter W. Jewish Emigration Training Centers in Germany Issue 22, page 20
Lande, Peter W. Book Review: Einst und Jetzt Zur Geschichte der Dresdner Synagoge und ihrer Gemeinde Issue 22, page 37
Lande, Peter W. Book Review: Menschen ohne Grabstein. Die aus Leipzig deportierten und ermordeten Juden Issue 22, page 39
Lande, Peter W. Rheinland-Pfalz Sources of Information Issue 24, page 26
Lande, Peter W. Holocaust Records as a Source of Historical and Genealogical Information Issue 24, page 31
Lande, Peter W. Book Review: Buch der Erinnerung: Die Ins Baltikum Deportierten Deutschen, Osterreichischen und Tschechoslowakischen Juden Issue 24, page 45
Lande, Peter W. (Washington, DC) Berlin’s “Invisible Holocaust Victims” Issue 18, page 15
Lande, Peter W. (Washington, DC) Another Austrian “Discovery” Issue 18, page 21
Lederer, Rolf The Lederers of Gladenbach: History and Genealogical Sources Issue 1, page 9
Lederer, Rolf Jewish Genealogical Resources for Hamburg: A Preliminary Review Issue 2, page 15
Lee, Anne Feder More on Jüdische Familienforschung Issue 21, page 29
Lee, Anne Feder Researching Jewish Ancestors from Mecklenburg Issue 22, page 29
Lee, Anne Feder and Susan Fisher Boyer Researching Bohemia & Moravia Issue 14, page 25
Leeson, Dan A Report on Alsace: Cemeteries, Name Changes, Census Issues 6 & 7, page 2
Leeson, Rosanne Schmieheim Memorbuch: Status for the Future Issue 10, page 6
Leeson, Rosanne and Daniel Alsace Revisited Issue 17, page 20
Levin, Julie Book Reviews and Notes: “Hohenems Revisited” Issue 16, page 28
Levy, Elizabeth A Dream Come True Issue 24, page 15
Levy, Elizabeth The Wallach Family Issue 27, page 28
Levy, Fred The Dublons of Wittlich: A Success Story Issue 2, page 13
Levy, Fred A Trip to the German Rhineland Issue 14, page 26
Linz, Margaret Family Secrets Issue 22, page 13
Loeb, Daniel E. The History of Issue 26, page 22
Loebl, Herbert Using Public Sources for Jewish Genealogical Research in Bavaria Issue 4, page 18
London, Jacqueline Book Review: Juden in Südthüringen, geschützt und gejagt: Eine Sammlung jüdischer Lokalchroniken in sechs Bänden Issue 22, page 36
Lowens, John Paul with Nancy Grossman The Jewish Community Centered in Wallau and Breckenheim, Hessen Issue 19, page 39
Luft, Edward German Documents in Poland Issue 11, page 28
Luft, Edward Where, O Where Has My Little Town Gone? Issue 19, page 26
Luft, Edward Compact Memory Has the Most Important German-Jewish Periodicals in Full-Text Issue 22, page 23
Luft, Edward Adoption of Family Names: Posen Issue 18, page 19
Luft, Edward D. Civil Vital Records for Berlin Jews in the Potsdam Archives Issue 12, page 25
Luft, Edward David Book Reviews and Notes: The Jewish Experience by Gary L. Kohn Issue 14, page 27
Luft, Edward David “Lost at Sea” or How to Find a Post-1906 Immigrant Ancestor Who Does Not Appear in the New York City Soundex List of Ship Passengers Issue 15, page 1
Luft, Edward David In Search of Elusive German Books and Magazines Issue 17, page 14
Luft, Edward David Where to Find Clues as to How Early Your Ancestors Were in Berlin Issue 20, page 17
Luft, Edward David Königsberg Issue 21, page 6
Luft, Edward David A List of Posen Province Archival Holdings at the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw Issue 23, page 13
Luft, Edward David A List of Posen Province and Bromberg Jewish Community Archival Holdings at the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw Issue 24, page 38
Luft, Edward David Using the Uncatalogued Collection in the Library of Congress Hebraic Section to Find an Ancestor in Subscriber Lists Issue 25, page 38
Marks, Charles H. A Visit into the Past Issue 27, page 40
Mautner, Herb 1991 Leo Baeck Yearbook: Interesting Books for the German-Jewish Genealogist Issue 2, page 12
Mautner, Herb The Jews of Anhalt Issue 4, page 25
Mautner, Herb The “Yekke” Museum in Tefen Issue 11, page 8
Mautner, Herb Jewish Members of German Airforce, WWI Issue 11, page 24
Mayer, Marion History of a Family Dispersed Issue 18, page 31
Mecklenburg, Frank Survey of the Former East Germany Issues 8 & 9, page 7
Mecklenburg, Frank Sixty Years Ago – Jüdische Familien-Forschung: An Interview With Albert Phiebig Issues 8 & 9, page 35
Mecklenburg, Frank Recent Accessions at LBI/NYC Issue 17, page 13
Metternich, Ute Jewish Life in the Community of Oberwinter in the Rhine Valley Issue 31, page 27
Moritz, Alfred A Slice of Nineteenth Century Life in the Hunsrueck Issue 18, page 13
Moritz, Alfred Roads Back Issue 31, page 17
Mueller, Justin J. The Zivis of Muellheim Issue 29, page 21
Muenzel, Ursula Book Reviews and Notes: “Juden in Bamberg” Issue 16, page 26
Mugdan, Joachim The New German Gedenkbuch Issue 30, page 43
Müller, Julius Family History Research in Bohemia and Moravia: Vital Records Lost and Found Issue 30, page 37
Naamani-Goldman, Ari Interview with Marianne Salinger Issue 28, page 25
Nash, Peter Shanghai HIAS Lists Issue 21, page 11
Neubauer, Fritz (Bielefeld) Book Review: Theresienstädter Gedenkbuch: Die Opfer der Judentrans porte aus Deutschland nach Theresienstadt 1942-1945 Issue 18, page 23
Newhouse, E. Irene Jente Hameln and her Distinguished Descendants Issue 11, page 1
Newhouse, Irene Viennese Heirs’ Lists As Genealogical Sources Issue 20, page 22
Newhouse, Irene An Internet Based Archive of German-Jewish Periodicals Issue 27, page 24
Nordwind, Thekla Gadi Issue 28, page 41
Ramon, Esther German-Jewish Family Names Connected With Place-Names Issue 19, page 18
Rector, Rebecca Reconnecting Jewish Roots: The Search for My German-Jewish Helft Family Issue 26, page 34
Reiss, Nathan Some Jewish Families of Hesse & Galicia Issue 18, page 31
Rich, Michael W. Henry Mack: An Important Figure in Nineteenth-Century American Jewish History Issue 23, page 1
Rose, Emily C. Making Connections: A German-Jewish Village in America – How Genealogical Documents in 19th Century America and Germany Reveal an Extended Family in Small-Town America Issue 26, page 32
Rosenberg, Jeanette Obituary: Thea Skyte Issue 28, page 43
Ruschin, Jorge The German-Jewish Community in Argentina Issue 30, page 32
Sachs, Arline The Cemetery Project Issue 10, page 5
Sachs, Arline Astheimer Research in Trebus and Gross Gerau Issue 12, page 18
Sagenkahn, Irwin Do I Have German Roots? Issue 12, page 17
Salier, Edward The Frankel/Fraenkel Families of Berlin Issue 10, page 7
Salier, Edward Wulff Levin Fraenkel’s Family from Vienna & Berlin Issue 16, page 20
Samson, Eli Looking for the Missing Link Issue 27, page 34
Sapir, Freddy A Search around the Globe Leads Us Back Home Issue 31, page 6
Schellekens, Jona Dating the Oldest List of Jewish Inhabitants in Altona and Hamburg Issue 30, page 20
Schlick, Gabriela The Memorial Collection Database at the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt Issue 28, page 22
Schmidl, Erwin A. Jewish Soldiers in the Austrian Armed Forces Issue 19, page 36
Schreiber, Rabbi Doctor Hermann; Werner S. Zimmt (translator) Schrimm: Memories from Our Youth Issue 25, page 10
Seligmann, Senta Wallach My Memories of Kristallnacht Issue 27, page 31
Skyte, Thea The Jewish Community in Sugenheim Issue 4, page 19
Skyte, Thea The Jewish Community of Burghaslach Issue 5, page 22
Skyte, Thea The Education of Jewish Children in Bavaria Issues 8 & 9, page 5
Sonneborn, Charles Rosenthal: No Link Issue 11, page 27
Stanton, Charles P. Franconian Genealogy Issue 12, page 23
Steck, Anatol The Archives of the Jewish Community of Vienna: A Cooperative Microfilming Project to Preserve Holocaust-Relevant Records Issue 24, page 4
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