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2023 Obermayer Awards

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For two decades, the Obermayer Awards have honored people and organizations in Germany that have worked creatively and selflessly to raise awareness of Jewish history and culture in their communities, and to fight the rise of hate, prejudice, and antisemitism. Award recipients have included teachers and engineers, publishers and judges, artists and bankers, lawyers and business executives, and they come from every corner of the country. They have worked toward real reconciliation in their own communities, forging meaningful relationships with former residents and their descendants while also making it possible to teach the lessons of history to new generations.

The 2023 Obermayer Awards will be presented on January 23, 2023 at Abgeordnetenhaus in Berlin, the home of the Berlin Parliament. Winners will be announced in January 2023. You can watch the ceremony online here.

About the Awardees

  • Jörg Friedrich inspires students to look closer and think harder about history, and about its significance today.
  • Stefan Schirmer and FC Ente Bagdad build understanding and acceptance, preserve Jewish history, and play a lot of soccer.
  • Marlies and Rudolf Walter touch the hearts of survivors and descendants.
  • Roswitha Weber introduces Jewish culture, Nazi crimes, and the importance of empathy to elementary school students.
  • Marion Welsch believes in the power of personal stories to bring people together.
  • Zweitzeugen e.V. captures the stories of survivors and uses them to teach the significance of history and the importance of empathy.