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From Macy’s to the Titanic – The Straus Family Legacy

Center for Jewish History (map)
15 W. 16th St.
New York, NY 10011
In person
LBI/CJH/Partner Members, Students, Seniors: $5
General: $10
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Straus Historical Society
  • Pop-up exhibition open from 5:00 PM
  • Lecture at 6:30 PM

The German-Jewish family that built Macy’s into an iconic retailer also left an indelible legacy in American politics and society, from the philanthropic work of the Educational Alliance to Isidor Straus’s time in the United States House of Representatives.

In his lecture, department store historian Michael Lisicky will discuss how Isidor Straus built the Macy’s empire while his less known but no less energetic brother Nathan pursued other successful businesses and invested in public health innovations. The death of Isidor and his wife Ida on the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912 was a major blow to the family, and the Straus Historical Society will prepare a pop-up exhibition of items related to the the Titanic. After the lecture, LBI Executive Director Billy Weitzer will moderate a discussion between Lisicky and Paul Kurzman, former Chairman of the Straus Historical Society and a great-grandson of Isidor and Ida Straus.

Cosponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society and the Straus Historical Society