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German-Jewish Studies: Next Generations

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As a field, German-Jewish Studies emphasizes the dangers of nationalism, monoculturalism, and ethnocentrism, while making room for multilingual and transnational perspectives with questions surrounding migration, refugees, exile, and precarity. Focusing on the relevance and utility of the field for the twenty-first century, German-Jewish Studies: Next Generations explores why studying and applying German-Jewish history and culture must evolve and be given further attention today. The volume brings together an interdisciplinary range of scholars to reconsider the history of antisemitism – as well as intersections of antisemitism with racism and colonialism – and how connections to German Jews shed light on the continuities, ruptures, anxieties, and possible futures of German-speaking Jews and their legacies.


Greetings: Dr. Markus Krah
Chair: Prof. Guy Miron
Commentators: Prof. Abigail Gillman, Prof. Paul Lerner
Respondents: Dr. Aya Elyada, Prof. Kerry Wallach


German-Jewish Studies makes a valuable contribution to the field. The chapters are of a high standard across the board and the volume will help students and academics get a good sense of how things in the field of German-Jewish studies stand: how healthy it is, where its strengths lie, and where gaps have merged that new research and perspectives could fill.” Christian Bailey, Purchase College

“It is an original and impressive interdisciplinary collection of essays that are a window to the future in German-Jewish Studies.” Frank R. Nicosia, University of Vermont