Academia Verlag

Theodor Marcus founded the Academia Verlag in Prague in 1936; he was manager until 1940, although he had ceased his publishing activities on March 15, 1939.

In the 1920s, Marcus had been a co-partner in the publishing house M. & H. Marcus. Starting in 1934, his business suffered from anti-Semitic backlashes; he tried to transfer the publishing house to Switzerland, but his attempt failed. He was denaturalized and subsequently fled to Czechoslovakia.


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Location: Prague
Period: 1936-1940?
Publisher(s): Theodor Marcus (April 20, 1894, Breslau - March 28, 1973, Lugano)
Main Focus: Scientific books
Author(s): Eduard Benesch, Ludwig Landgrebe, Edmund Husserl
Number of Titles Published: unknown