Adprint Ltd.

Wolfgang Foges founded the “packager” Adprint Ltd. in London in 1937. Lord Glenconner provided financial assistance. Werner Eugen Mosse said of the publisher, “One of Foges’ ideas – how far he was initially responsible for it is hard to say – was the development of so-called ‘book-packaging.’… Knowledge of the market supplied the idea for a particular book; an author was then found, along with a designer to create an appealing format, and economical printers to produce it. The colour reproductions in particular, were often printed in other countries.” Adprint was later sold to the British Printing Corp.

Foges was born to an affluent Jewish family in Vienna.  He emigrated from Austria before the Anschluss to England in 1934 with his wife Katharina Schätte.


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Location: London, Great Britain
Period: 1937-1950?
Publisher(s): Wolfgang Foges (February 27, 1910, Vienna - 1983, London)
Main Focus: Book packaging