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Benzion Margulies, Alexander Margulies, and Simon Rawidowicz founded the Ararat Publishing Society in London in 1941. Ararat specialized in Hebrew literature, publishing books in Hebrew, Yiddish and English. Benzion Margulies was the manager of the company and was also publisher of Mezuda, the only Hebrew literary magazine in Europe during World War II.

Benzion Margulies and Rawidowicz both immigrated to England in 1933; Alexander Margulies had immigrated to England in 1931.


Fischer, Ernst. Verleger, Buchhändler und Antiquare aus Deutschland und Österreich in der Emigration nach 1933. Stuttgart: Verband Deutscher Antiquare, 2011.

Ararat Publishing Society
  • Location: London
  • Period: 1941-at least 1963
  • Publisher(s): Benzion Margulies (October 19, 1890, Skalat/Galicia - February 9, 1955, London); Alexander Margulies; Simon Rawidowicz (February 22, 1897, Grajewo/Poland - July 20, 1957, Waltham,MA)
  • Main Focus: Hebrew literature
  • Author(s): Josef Fraenkel, Simon Rawidowicz
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown
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