Bernina-Verlag (later Delphi-Verlag)

Paul Aretz founded the Bernina-Verlag in Austria and Switzerland in 1934. The publishing company was originally based in Dresden and known as the Paul Aretz Verlag. The Paul Aretz Verlag, founded in 1921 and known for its publications of popular biographies and erotica, was aryanized by Gottfried Linsmayer.

Starting in 1937, Aretz focused most of his attention on the Swiss branch of his business. In 1938, he changed the name again, this time to Delphi-Verlag. The Delphi-Verlag was relocated to Bern and was active until at least 1948.


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Location: Olten, Vienna, Bern
Period: 1934-at least 1948
Publisher(s): Paul Aretz (April 1, 1890, Rheydt/Rhineland - November 1949, Bern)
Number of Titles Published: unknown