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Berta Hess-Cohn and her brother Alfred Cohn founded a publishing house in Switzerland after their arrival in 1940.

Hess-Cohn had previously worked at her husband's publishing company I. Hess & Co., which specialized in business and administrative law. She took over management after her husband's death in 1937. The company avoided Aryanization for several years through special permits, but still struggled financially, forcing the sale of important journals under their control like Steuer und Wirtschaft. Hess-Cohn eventually submitted to Aryanization, precipitating the move to Switzerland.


Fischer, Ernst. Verleger, Buchhändler und Antiquare aus Deutschland und Österreich in der Emigration nach 1933. Stuttgart : Verband Deutscher Antiquare, 2011.

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Period: after 1940-?
  • Publisher(s): Berta Hess-Cohn; Alfred Cohn
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown