E. Laub Publishing

Elias Laub founded the print shop E. Laub Publishing in New York in 1939. He occasionally published Yiddish books, including the work of Angelica Balabanoff and Sholem Ash.

Laub had previously been the owner of the E. Laub’schen Verlagsbuchhandlung from 1920-1924. He was active in socialist circles and published the work of Rosa Luxemburg. With his family, he immigrated to Antwerp in 1924 and to New York in 1939.


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Location: New York
Period: after 1939-at least 1948
Publisher(s): Elias Laub (January 10, 1885 - October 1949, New York?)
Main Focus: Yiddish books
Author(s): Angelica Balabanoff
Number of Titles Published: unknown