Edition Olympia

Martin Moshe Feuchtwanger founded the Edition Olympia in Tel Aviv. The publishing company was a successor to Feuchtwanger’s business in Paris. The company published fiction and non-fiction books by émigré writers.

Feuchtwanger had worked in publishing in Halle, Germany, before immigrating in 1933 to Prague, where he continued his publishing work. He founded the Edition Olympia in Paris while living in Prague. After the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, Feuchtwanger was denaturalized and fled to Palestine with his wife, arriving in Tel Aviv in 1939.


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Location: Tel Aviv
Period: after 1939-at least 1953
Publisher(s): Martin Moshe Feuchtwanger (December 18, 1886, Munich - November 9, 1952, Tel Aviv)
Author(s): Martin Feuchtwanger, Ben-Zevi Kalischer, Josef Kastein, Otto Klepetar, Walter Preuss, Manfred Reifer, Felix A. Theilhaber, Kaete Werner
Number of Titles Published: unknown