Editions Meteore

Georg Friedrich Alexan and Georg Wolfgang Hallgarten founded the Editions Meteore in Paris in 1935. The publishing company was a successor to the Editions Bernard Rosner. They only published one book – Im Schützengraben der Heimat: Geschichte einer Generation, written by Alexan in 1937.

Alexan had fled to Paris from Germany in 1933. He immigrated in 1939 to the United States, where he founded a bookstore in New York that served as a meeting place for the émigré population. Active in communist circles, Alexan returned to Germany in 1949, living in East Berlin.


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Location: Paris
Period: 1935-1939?
Publisher(s): Georg Friedrich Alexan (1901, Mannheim - 1995, Berlin); Georg(e) Wolfgang Hallgarten (January 3, 1901, Munich - May 22, 1975, Washington D.C.)
Author(s): Georg Friedrich Alexan
Number of Titles Published: 1