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Günter Friedländer and Hardi Swarsensky founded the Editorial Estrellas in Buenos Aires in 1941. They published German-Jewish and Argentine-Jewish authors. They also published two exile magazines, Jüdische Wochenschau and Porvenir - Zeitschrift für alle Fragen des jüdischen Lebens.

Friedländer came to Argentina with his wife in 1939. He worked as a Rabbi and later lectured on theology in Chile. He was active in South American Jewish and Zionist circles.


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Editorial Estrellas
  • Location: Buenos Aires
  • Period: 1941-at least 1949
  • Publisher(s): Günter Friedländer (February 22, 1914, Halle); Hardi Swarsensky (November 7, 1908, Berlin - December 5, 1968, Buenos Aires)
  • Author(s): Ruben Dario, Guenter Friedländer, Hardi Swarsensky, Bruno Weil, Franz Werfel, Paul Zech
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown
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