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George Bernhard Eisler founded the Focal Press in London in 1937. A branch was later established in New York. It is unclear if there is a connection between Eisler's publishing company and the Kraszna-Krausz's Focal Press. Eisler also founded Global Press, which specialized in cartography, as well as an institute for Hebrew studies.

Eisler and his family had been active in the publishing industry in Germany, but were forced to flee after their business suffered from anti-Semitic backlashes.


Fischer, Ernst. Verleger, Buchhändler und Antiquare aus Deutschland und Oesterreich in der Emigration nach 1933. Stuttgart: Verband Deutscher Antiquare, 2011.

  • Location: London
  • Period: 1937-?
  • Publisher(s): George Bernhard Eisler (August 14, 1892, Hamburg - November 18, 1983, Hamburg Barmbek)
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown