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Andor Kraszna-Krausz founded Focal Press in London in 1938. Focal Press specialized in books on photography, including the famous The All-in-One Camera Book by E. Emanuel and W. D. Dash, one of the first books on photography written for the general public. He also published large-format picture books on 19th century photography and specialized texts for professional photographers and academics. When Kraszna-Krausz died in 1989, Focal Press had published over 1,200 titles and sold over 50 million books. It is unclear if there is a connection to George Bernhard Eisler's Focal Press in London.

Kraszna-Krausz arrived in England after fleeing Germany in 1937. He was trained in photography and film in Munich, where he came into contact with the publisher Wilhelm Knapp. Kraszna-Krausz began his career by writing criticism on film and photography.


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  • Location: London
  • Period: 1938-present
  • Publisher(s): Andor Kraszna-Krausz (January 12, 1904, Szombathely/ Austria-Hungary - December 24, 1989, Buckinghamshire)
  • Main Focus: Photography books
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown