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Friedrich Krause founded the Friedrich Krause Verlag in New York after his arrival in 1938. He also operated a large import business, becoming one of the largest importers and distributors of German-language books.

In 1933, Krause fled to Austria, where he became co-owner of the Europa-Verlag. He came to New York in 1938 as manager of the New York branch of the Oprecht Verlag.


Fischer, Ernst. Verleger, Buchhändler und Antiquare aus Deutschland und Oesterreich in der Emigration nach 1933. Stuttgart: Verband Deutscher Antiquare, 2011.

Friedrich Krause Verlag
  • Location: New York
  • Period: before 1942-at least 1946
  • Publisher(s): Friedrich Krause (December 16, 1897, Leipzig - May 13, 1964, Lausanne)
  • Author(s): Fritz Kahn, Oscar Meyer, Max Osborn, Karl Otto Paetel, Johannes Urzidil
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown
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