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Janot Susja Roskin founded Hatikvah Music Publishing Co. in Boston in 1941. In the following years, addresses listed for the company included Massachusetts and Indiana. The New York firm Bloch Publishing Co. later took over distribution. Roskin was a member of the Jewish Music Forum and thus had access to the Jewish music scene across the United States.

Roskin's wife led the company after his death. After her death in 1967, publication rights were transferred to Transcontinental Music Publishers in New York.

Roskin had been active in the publication of Jewish music in Berlin before the Machtergreifung. He immigrated to the United States in 1936.

See also: Transcontinental Music Publishers Corp.


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  • Location: Boston, United States
  • Period: 1941-1967
  • Publisher(s): Janot Susja Roskin (April 17, 1884, Rjesitza bei Witebsk - 1946, Indianapolis)
  • Main Focus: Music
  • Number of Titles Published: ca. 170