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Max Hinrichsen founded the music publishing house Hinrichsen Edition Ltd. in London on March 10, 1938. Hinrichsen had two objectives, "to reissue up-to-date editions of forgotten works of the past, especially those by British composers [...] and to issue new compositions by our living composers."

The business was successful, despite difficulties during the war. Hinrichsen also founded Artist Management and Concert Direction and published Hinrichsen's Musical Year Book. Hinrichsen Edition Ltd. was later renamed Peters Edition, Ltd., London.

Hinrichsen had emigrated from Germany to London in 1937. Several members of his family, themselves active in music publishing in Germany, were murdered in the Shoah.


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  • Location: London, Great Britain
  • Period: 1938-present
  • Publisher(s): Max Hinrichsen (July 6, 1901, Leipzig - December 17, 1965, London)
  • Main Focus: Music