Les Editions Georges Marton

Georg Marton re-established his publishing house as Les Editions Georges Marton in Paris in 1938. He had to leave behind his former publishing house in Vienna, but was able to avoid Aryanization by transferring ownership to the writer Georg Fraser.

In 1939, Marton fled to the United States, where he ceased his publishing activities and worked in the film industry. After the war, Marton returned to his old publishing house in Vienna.  In 1966, he sold the company to Thomas Sessler, the founder of Miville und Zeiz.

See also: Miville und Zeiz


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Location: Paris
Period: 1938-1939
Publisher(s): Georg(e) (Gyoergy) Marton (June 3, 1900, Budapest - April 13, 1979, Hollywood, CA)
Number of Titles Published: unknown