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Schalom Ben-Chorin, born Fritz Rosenthal, founded the Romema Verlag in Jerusalem in 1941. The small publishing house specialized in Judaica, including some of this own writings.

Ben-Chorin had first gained experience in the publishing industry in Berlin and Munich. He was arrested and abused three times by the Munich police; he subsequently fled Germany and immigrated to Palestine with his wife in 1935. In Jerusalem, he founded the bookstore Heatid.  He also worked as a journalist and essayist. His writings often explored the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.


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Romema Verlag
  • Location: Jerusalem
  • Period: 1941-at least 1942
  • Publisher(s): Schalom Ben-Chorin (July 20, 1913, Munich - May 7, 1999, Jerusalem)
  • Author(s): Schalom Ben-Chorin, Ariee Sborowitz, George L. B. Sloan
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown
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