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Heinz Karger relocated the publishing house S. Karger from Germany to Basel in 1936. Karger had been the owner of the publishing house since 1922. His father founded the business in 1890.  They specialized in medical and scientific publications.

Karger moved the publishing house out of Germany after his father's death in order to avoid Aryanization.Fritz Karger, Heinz's half-brother and the founder of Haus zum Falken, took care of the company in Basel until Heinz Karger and his family arrived in 1937.

After the Anschluss, S. Karger took over the Vienna-based publishing house Ars Medici, as well as the eponymous journal. S. Karger published scientific journals in German, English, French and Italian.  In 1939, they opened a branch in New York.

See also: Haus zum Falken


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  • Location: Basel
  • Period: 1937-today
  • Publisher(s): Heinz Karger (November 10, 1895, Berlin - March 27, 1959, Tessin/CH)
  • Main Focus: Medical and scientific publications
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown