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Lea Goldberg was an editor for the publishing company Sifriyat Poalim in Palestine and founded the children's literary series "Ankorim" in 1943. She published sixty-five of her own books and approximately thirty children's book classics, all in Hebrew.

Goldberg immigrated to Palestine, settling in Tel Aviv, in 1935. She earlier studied German and Russian literature and Semitic languages in Berlin and Bonn, writing her doctorate thesis on the Samaritan translation of the Torah. In Palestine, she established herself as one of the leading modernist Hebrew-language poets and translators; she also served as chair of comparative literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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  • Location: Palestine
  • Period: 1943-?
  • Publisher(s): Lea Goldberg (May 29, 1911, Koenigsberg - January 15, 1970, Jerusalem)
  • Main Focus: Children's Books
  • Number of Titles Published: approx. 95