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Staff News: Conferences and Workshops

Fri, Oct 1, 2021

Tracey Felder, Associate Librarian for Cataloging and Periodicals, participated in a panel at the recent Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) conference in late June 2021. Her talk, entitled “Preserving German-Jewish News” described the LBI’s work to digitize and preserve the nearly 1,600 periodical titles in our collections.

At the same conference, Elizabeth Fedden, Acquisitions Librarian, gave a talk on “Tackling your Backlog.” She discussed strategies that libraries can use to assess and work through the backlog of donated or acquired materials that require processing, preservation, and cataloging, with special attention to the growth in backlogs experienced during the pandemic.

Renate Evers, Director of Collections, gave presentations about LBI and its work at several national and international virtual meetings and workshops. In March, she represented LBI during the 35th annual workshop of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Gedenkstättenbibliotheken (Working Group of Memorial Libraries), based in Berlin. In April, she took part in a virtual panel on “Archival Maintenance and Advocacy” convened by the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US Department of State and also participated in a virtual meeting of the Frankfurt University Library’s Fachinformationsdienst Jewish Studies (Jewish Studies Information Service).

Evers also contributed to the blog “On Books and their Places”, a joint project of Germania Judaica and the Steinheim Institute, which presents a different Jewish collection each month and posts by librarians about their favorite pieces.

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