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Episode 4: The Art of Exile

Among the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees who flooded out of Nazi Germany were countless artists, writers, and musicians. Alexis Rodda, an opera singer and music researcher, has devoted her career to studying just one of them: a composer named Egon Lustgarten. Today, Alexis and Mark discuss how exile impacted Lustgarten’s music—and how starting over in a new world changed a whole community of musicians, for better or for worse.

LBI Presents is a production of the Leo Baeck Institute, New York | Berlin and Antica Productions.

Hosted by Mark Oppenheimer.

Executive Producers include Laura Regehr, Stuart Coxe, and Bernie Blum. Senior Producer is Debbie Pacheco. Associate Producer is Emily Morantz. Sound design and audio mix by Philip Wilson.

Special thanks to her and to Elysium Between Two Continents, Gregorij von Leitis, and The Lahr von Leitis Archive.