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Episode 9: The Missing Maidens

The Story of the Mosse Family

In 1933, Nazis steal the art collection of a prominent German-Jewish publishing family, the Mosses. Decades after the war, the family is still trying to do what they can to get it back. But a beloved sculpture, the Three Dancing Maidens, is still missing…and it might be hiding in plain sight.

Exile is a production of LBI New York | Berlin and Antica Productions.

It’s narrated by Mandy Patinkin.

Executive Producers include Katrina Onstad, Stuart Coxe, and Bernie Blum. Senior Producer is Debbie Pacheco. Produced by Anthony Cantor. Associate Producers are Hailey Choi and Emily Morantz. Research and translation by Isabella Kempf. Sound design and audio mix by Philip Wilson, with help from Cameron McIver. Theme music by Oliver Wickham.

Special thanks to Eric J. Bartko of the Mosse Art Restitution Project (MARP), Dr. Meike Hoffmann at the Mosse Art Research Initiative (MARI), Wally Mersereau, Nordkurier, and Soundtrack New York.

Want more about the Mosse Family?

The LBI Library and Archives contain extensive materials on generations of the Mosse family and their legacy in Germany and beyond. They include personal papers of the publisher and philanthropist Rudolf Mosse and other Mosse family members. One of the Mosse newspapers – the CV Zeitung – has been digitized in partnership with the University of Frankfurt.

Branch of Rudolf Mosse's Newspaper Advertising Agency in Frankfurt