Boekenvrienden Solidariteit (later Het Nederlandsche Boekengilde)

Hein Kohn founded the Boekenvrienden Solidariteit, a book club and publishing house, in Hilversum in 1933. The name was changed to Het Nederlandsche Boekengilde in 1936. Kohn published Dutch translations of works by German authors in exile, partly in cooperation with the publishing houses Querido and Meulenhoff, also in the Netherlands.

Kohn had earlier published the gay love letters of SA-leader Ernst Röhm in 1932. After, he had become a special target for persecution by the Nazi regime, forcing his immigration to the Netherlands. He remained in Hilversum even during the occupation of the Netherlands, in which the Boekenvrienden was banned. In 1942, Kohn started working for the illegal publisher De Bezige Bij. After the war, he founded a new book club, the Genootschap voor Boekenvrienden.

See also: Querido Verlag


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Location: Hilversum
Period: 1933-1940
Publisher(s): Hein Kohn (March 25, 1907, Augsburg - October 1, 1979, Hilversum)
Main Focus: Dutch translations of German exiles
Author(s): Bertolt Brecht, Lion Feuchtwanger, Leonhard Frank, E.E. Kisch, Thomas Mann, Theodor Plivier, Ernst Toller
Number of Titles Published: unknown