Editions du 10. Mai (Verlag 10. Mai)

Hermann Budzislawski, along with Willi Bredel and Maria Osten, founded the Editions du 10. Mai in Paris in spring 1939. The small publishing house commemorated the date of the Nazi book burning in 1933. The Editions du 10. Mai received financial support from Michaeil Kolzow and left-wing writers groups and was closely connected with the KPD (Community Party). Only two books were published before their inventory was confiscated by the French police in August 1939. In the summer of 1940, the Gestapo confiscated the remaining copies of their books.

Budzislawski had fled to Zürich and then to Prague following the Machtergreifung. He settled in Paris before being forced to flee to the United States. He was also the publisher and editor of the exile magazine Die neue Weltbühne.

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Location: Paris
Period: 1939-1940
Publisher(s): Hermann Budzislawski (February 11, 1901, Berlin - April 28, 1978 Berlin)
Main Focus: Antifascist literature
Author(s): Willi Bredel, Heinrich Mann
Number of Titles Published: 2