Verlag “Die neue Weltbühne”

Hermann Budzislawski founded the Verlag “Die neue Weltbühne” in Prague in 1934. They published an eponymous journal as the successor of the weekly Die Weltbühne. Budzislawski had been the editor-in-chief of Die Weltbühne before Edith Jacobsohn sold him the company and renamed it. They published 5,000 to 6,000 copies per issue.

In 1938, the company relocated to Paris where they published the first issue of the journal in June 1938. In August 1939, the journal was banned. Many of the articles were political and sympathized with communism (although they were largely anti-Stalinist).

After the publishing house was shut down, Budzislawski was arrested and subsequently set free, apparently by accident. He took advantage of the situation and fled to New York via Lisbon in October 1940.

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Location: Prague, Paris
Period: 1934-1939
Publisher(s): Hermann Budzislawski (February 11, 1901, Berlin - April 28, 1978, Berlin)
Main Focus: Communist, left-wing literature
Author(s): J.R. Becher, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Konrad Heiden, Stefan Heym, Kurt Hiller, Alfred Kantorowicz, Alfred Kerr, E.E. Kisch, L. Lanie, Rudolf Leonhard, Golo Mann, Klaus Mann, Ludwig Marcuse, Walter Mehring, Theodor Plievier, Arthur Polgar, Hermann Rauschning, Anna Seghers, Erich Weinert, F.C. Weiskopf, Friedrich Wolf, Alfred Wolfenstein
Number of Titles Published: unknown