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Eric Proskauer and Maurits Dekker founded the Interscience Publishers Inc. in New York in 1940. They specialized in scientific and academic books. After World War II, Interscience took over the distribution of Elsevier titles in the United States. They also opened a branch in London to distribute their works in Europe. In 1961, the publishing company was acquired by John Wiley & Sons.

Proskauer had earlier founded the Nordemann Publishing Co. in New York.

See also: Nordemann Publishing Co.


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  • Location: New York
  • Period: 1940-1961
  • Publisher(s): Eric A. Proskauer (March 19, 1903, Frankfurt/Main - November 3, 1991, New York); Maurits Dekker
  • Main Focus: Scientific books
  • Number of Titles Published: unknown