Staff Directory

Executive and Administration

Dr. William Weitzer, Executive Director (
Dr. Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research (
Renate Evers, Director of Collections (
Maryann Legaspi, Administrative Director (
David Brown, Communications and Programs Director (
Horst Pfahlert, Executive Secretary (


Hermann Teifer, Head Archivist (
Emily Andresini, Digital Collections Manager (
Chris Bentley, Systems Archivist (
Dianne Ritchey, Processing Archivist (
Michael Simonson, Archivist and Registrar (
Julie Dawson, Project Director, Archival Survey of Transylvania and Bukovina (


Ginger Barna, Head Librarian (
Tracey Felder, Associate Librarian for Cataloging and Periodicals (
Lauren Paustian, Collections Care Coordinator (
Ian Singleton, German Copy Cataloger (
Tim Conley, Technical Services Assistant (
Rebecca Posna, Technical Services Assistant (

Family Research

Karen Franklin, Director of Family Research (

Austrian Heritage Collection

Anna Jungmayr, Gedenkdiener, 2017-2018 (
Emma Cäcilia Schrott, Gedenkdiener, 2017-2018 (